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We're nestled away in a canyon here, approx. 200 miles east of Seattle between Red Mountain & the Horse Heaven Hills. This is the heart of Washington State's renowned Columbia Valley, an American Viticultural Area (AVA) covering 11,000,000 acres from the Cascade Mtns. to the northern edges of Oregon. Dusk pours through this place in pinks & powder blues, illuminating a cool mist from scattered small farms & vineyards surrounding us. Subtle essences of apple & cherry wood, fresh foilage and blossom blanket our winery from orchard acreage planted here circa 1970. Lush Wines are modern red blends from 4 world-class vineyards in the valley. The grapes are harvested & sorted by hand, cleaned, cold-soaked, and crushed in extraordinarily small batches. The wines are pressed in Italian style cylindricals & barreled by variety in French & American oak for 22 – 24 months. Finished blends are bottle-aged at 58°F for 2 – 4 more years pre-release to market.




Bryce Logan was raised in Oregon during the mid-1970's & 80's. His father & grandfather were both farmers which provided him with some early experience around agriculture. In 1997 he earned a bachelor's degree in Agribusiness & began marketing produce from his family's farm to retail chains & high-end restaurants throughout the US & Asia. An active member of the food trade (1997-2010) and long time resident of Washington State, Bryce eventually became interested in the wine industry. He studied the differences between sub-appellations throughout WA., identified a collection of vineyard sources, and established a small winery in the center of the Columbia Valley. In 2013, he founded Lush Wine Group, releasing 297 bottles of his first red blend, Lush 2008 Premier Amour.



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